Redmoor Academy

Project Value - £379,000.00
Size - 320m2

We were commissioned by YMD Boon to construct a distinguished four-classroom block featuring a striking mono-pitched roof design. In addition to accommodating four classrooms, the external space was thoughtfully designed to include an office and five storage rooms, enhancing the functionality of the building.

Internally, meticulous attention was paid to detail, with finishes comprising meticulously painted plasterboard walls, sleek suspended ceilings, and a diverse array of carefully selected floor materials, ensuring a conducive learning environment for students and staff alike.


Externally, the building exuded elegance and durability, as it was enveloped in the timeless beauty of Redwood cladding, complemented by a sturdy Firestone roof and embellished with powder-coated aluminum windows, doors, and a canopy, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality.

The task of connecting the essential services proved to be a unique challenge, requiring the careful routing of cables across the existing school's roof. However, our skilled team navigated this obstacle with finesse, ensuring minimal disruption to the school's operations while upholding impeccable health and safety standards throughout the project duration. As a result of our meticulous planning and execution, the project was completed on schedule, earning commendation for its flawless adherence to the program and unwavering commitment to safety.